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Our Organizational Structure

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Our Organizational Structure

The POSLC of Organic Majuli:

Planning Process: Planning Process: Once an idea about a certain project is obtained by whatever means may be it, whether external or internal, it demands brain storming by the Managing Director and the advisory board. Hence, planning before undertaking a project is mainly done by the managing director by consulting the advisory board and Women on Wing group. The managing director also consults with the head of department of interest.

Organizing Process: It is generally done by the Managing Director with due consultation with the Head of Retail and Marketing and also the Head of Skilling and Development. The consulting group also advices on the organizing task.

Staffing: The heads of the respective departments are responsible for employing staff as per requirements. The managing director plays an active role in choosing the right candidate.

Leading: The Managing Director being the leader of the organization has left no stone unturned in developing the human resource of the organization. He has a very different way of controlling. He doesn’t put any restrictions on the employees but encourages them to complete the given task by motivating and showing the benefits of working under him.

Controlling: The Managing Director and the various project heads set the required standards for working. However, they have a very casual approach towards controlling which is why it is seen that in the absence of supervision, employees fail to complete the assigned tasks.

Organizational Structure

Our Farmers: We have around 200+ farmers, all the farmers we have organized under farmer interest group and we give three types inputs to the farmers

  • Technical handholding for creating an organic ecosystem.

  • Financial input for their agricultural practices

  • Farm to market enablement