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Free From Pesticides and Chemicals

Welcome to Organic Majuli

Organic Majuli is a Social Enterprise. The main mission of Organic Majuli is to promote and practise organic farming to address sustainable income security and entrench a multi processing unit to produce a high end value added product from North Eastern Region and address the domestic as well as International market.

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Organic Retail Shop

We have two retail shops operating in your locality. You can walk in and walk out with organic vegetables freshly picked from the farm. All the vegetables and fruits are grown organically in our farms and handpicked to suit your needs.

Home Delivery

You can have the luxury of fresh and organic vegetables at your home with our dedicated team. Order Online or Call us to book your
ORDER @ +91 76370-48598.

Alternatively you can send your orders thorough email to - order@organicmajuli.in

Organic Farm

Experience the organic farming practices near your city. Come and see how we grow your food. We bet, your meal will taste better once you see it!

Why Choose Us

We ensure good products at a very good price. We believe in maintaining integrity at every level of service delivery. It is a sincere effort to restore the human-nature imbalance, enhance livelihoods and promote sustainability. We are a promise to ensure healthy foods and healthy lifestyle.

To realize sustainable economic growth in rural India by working for food security, income security and skill development and taking them out of poverty and creating a complete eco-system for socio-economic development.

  • To empower the people residing in rural Assam with food and nutritional needs.

  • To provide Income Security, & Community Sustainable Development.

  • To operate at the village level to facilitate formation and integration of the Producer Groups/Companies.

  • Technical Handholding support for creation of organic ecosystem.

Practicing and promoting of Organic Farming for food security and nutritional value by emphasizing of farm to market enablement.

Currently, our organization “Organic Majuli” has two retail outlet at Guwahati City- one is at Bipanan Khetra, Sixmile and the other is at IIT Guwahati Market Complex, Amingaon, where we are trying to promote direct farm to market enablement by selling our registered farmers’ produces at the retail outlet.